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Okay so you guys know the post, “Fridays Cut” right? Well my mom says if my scar doesn’t go away that lousy son of a &^@%!  is going to pay for it!!! And she ment we’ll sue her! My mom rules !!


Aaaaah, fridays are the best. Today while I was in school while we were playing basketball a girl named BLOCKED by “accident” scratched my face. I had it covered where she scratched me. Once I took my hand off my friends were surprised. They were like “SHE RIPDED YOUR SKIN!!!!” So I went to the nurse. She put some medicine on the cut but it stung. Then i called  my mom to pick me up early. Once I left I forgot to give my current events so we had to turn around. I gave it to the teacher and then I left again. What a friday!

Comment, or at least wait until i put those imaginary worlds!!!


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